Trust The Octoboros
The Octoboros is a traveling Tattoo artist, Clothing Designer and Cult Leader based out of Houston Texas.

Resident Tattoo Artist at Bad Wolf Collective

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The Octoboros is a complex concept, visual art project and cult created by Dana Marie (ParenthesisX) Explored through visual art, Tattooing and accompanying Clothing Line.
The Octoboros is the representation of how far one would go if they must survive.
Similar to the Ouroboros the mythical creature whom consumed itself to stay alive however became trapped in its regeneration thus birthing the concept of infinity.
When it comes to Humans we have seen that when pushed to the brink and if they are in a situation of dire survival they are capable of consuming themselves or others both physically and metaphorically. This brings me to the Octopus. The Octopus has incredible regenerative properties much like a rats tail if the Octopus loses a leg over a short period of time it will regenerate and grow back. Add in the knowledge that the Octopus is an apex creature, not predator but creature, has no growth capacities and is the smartest creature on earth. If such an intelligent creature was pushed to the point of extinction and its only option for survival was to consume itself. Would it? This is the unanswered question, as it has never been tested. Would the Octopus consume itself for survival thus becoming an Octoboros? Considering it has 8 regenerative tentacles, no growth capacities, near perfect camouflage capabilities and lives in areas of the earth not yet reachable by mankind. You may have heard of such beasts on the breath of sailors. Deep within the 7 Vortices. Such a creature may very well be real and not just that, what if it could communicate through a certain frequency?
Would you be able to hear it?